Meet our Community

Sandra Tea

"The third-year clinical practicum has you on the frontlines with real patients, their families, and staff, immersing you in your future profession."

Radiation Therapist (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre)

MRS Class of 2019, Radiation Therapy

Derek Lo

"The combination of classroom learning, simulated hands-on labs and clinical experience drew me to the MRS program."

Medical Radiation Technologist in CT and Radiography (Southlake Regional Health Centre)

MRS Class of 2019, Radiological Technology

Diem Vu

"The most rewarding part of being an MRT is knowing that your work makes an impact in someone's life."

Nuclear Medicine Technologist (Windsor Regional Hospital)

MRS Class of 2020, Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Technology

Sarah Abdul-Jalil

"The nature of this profession offers plenty of variety from one shift to the next. No two days are ever truly the same."

Medical Radiation Technologist - General Radiography (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)

MRS Class of 2020, Radiological Technology

Sidra Baig

"As an MRT you have the unique opportunity to become a part of the patient's health care team during a very critical time. Being able to work towards patients' well-being and healing feels very rewarding."

Radiation Therapist (BC Cancer – Surrey)

MRS Class of 2020, Radiation Therapy

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