Continuing Appointment Review

Upon completion of the third year of a new Academic Appointment, Clinical MD Full-Time Faculty members will be undergo a Continuing Appointment Review (CAR - formerly known as a Three-Year Review). 

This review will answer one question: "Given the terms and expectations set out at the time of the probationary appointment, and the academic standards of the Department and Faculty, does the appointee's performance merit a recommendation that the appointee transfer to the system of continuing annual renewal?" (Procedures Manual, Section, pp. 19).

The Candidate's contributions to UTDRO's academic mission will be the main focus of this review. Clinical service will be documented, but is not the focus of this review.  Academic job description (e.g. Clinical Investigator, Clinician Educator, etc.) will be taken into consideration. Professionalism is a core competency for faculty. It is expected that the candidate demonstrates and promotes professional values amongst our faculty, learners and community.

Review Committee

The Continuing Appointment Review Committee is comprised of senior members of UTDRO (academic rank of Full Professor or at the discretion of the Chair) and one invited reviewer external to UTDRO.   Members are appointed by the Department Chair.  The Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs will chair the committee. 

The external reviewer should be a member within the Faculty of Medicine but external to UTDRO with relevant expertise of the candidate. The external reviewer should not be a collaborator of the candidate. At the discretion of the Chair, a collaborator may be permitted as an external reviewer.

Committee Membership:

  • Vice Chair Clinical Affairs (Committee Chair)
  • Chiefs of Radiation Oncology at Odette and Princess Margaret Cancer Centres
  • One senior member of UTDRO at Odette Cancer Centre
  • One senior member of UTDRO at Princess Margaret Cancer Center
  • External Reviewer

Candidate will receive the names of the Review Committee in the CAR Notifiction Letter.


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