2024-2025 Academic Year

Academic fee $6,890.00 $7,810.00 $43,210.00
Non-academic incidental & ancillary fee $2,857.73* $2,857.73* $2,857.73*
UHIP - Health Insurance Premium N/A N/A $756.00*
TOTAL $9,747.73* $10,667.73* $46,823.73*

Academic Fees noted above will be for the 2024-25 academic year

*Non-academic incidental & ancillary fees and UHIP fees listed are based on 2023-24 amounts. These fee amounts will be confirmed and updated by mid-summer 2024. 

Course fees do not include textbooks, and/or learning materials. In addition to the academic and non-academic fees paid directly to the program as noted above, the anticipated cost of textbooks and supplies is approximately $2,000 per academic year for year one and two. In year three, MRS students must also pay a fee to write the CAMRT certification exam.



Other Fees

Fee Type / Service


Verification of Credentials Fee

This fee is assessed for requests from graduates to verify program details for international registration/licensing. Payable upon verification request.



Financial Aid & Awards

To learn more about government student loans, financial aid programs offered by the University of Toronto such as UTAPS, as well as awards and scholarships visit: Financial Aid - Future Students. University of Toronto | University of Toronto ( 

MRS students may also be eligible for Michener Scholarships and Awards as well as Michener Entrance Scholarships.


MRS Program Bursary

A bursary is available for students in the MRS program. Application details/timelines are forwarded to active students in early fall.



Please Contact:

MRS Program, Enrolment Services 
Undergraduate Medical Education
Temerty Faculty of Medicine
University of Toronto
1 King's College Circle, Room 2124
Toronto, ON   M5S 1A8