Benefits for Full-time and Full-time Equivalent Clinicians

Benefits for Full-time and Full-time Equivalent Clinicians

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(Date updated: January, 2024)

As a result of the Clinical Faculty Policy instituted on July 1, 2005, Full-time and Full-time Equivalent Clinicians are eligible for the following University of Toronto benefits: Tuition Waiver, the Scholarship Program for Dependents and the Joint Membership plan.

Tuition Waiver

Our tuition waivers offer financial assistance to employees who want to further their formal education.

Fees are waived for qualifying clinicians (includes full-time clinicians retired from 2005) taking:

  • A part-time U of T or Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) degree or credit course, up to and including the master’s level, to a maximum of $3,000 per academic year.
  • A flex-time or part-time doctoral program at U of T, to a maximum of $3,000 per academic year.
  • Diploma or certificate program offered through Woodsworth College
  • Course offered by the School of Continuing Studies to a maximum $500 per course. You may take up to six (6) courses per academic year.
  • For full-time equivalent clinicians, the value of the waiver is pro-rated to the percentage of appointment.

Note: Some course(s)/program exclusions apply.

How to Obtain a Tuition Waiver

  • Apply for admission to the appropriate faculty. For Arts and Science courses and for courses at Ontario Studies in Education.
  • Provided the clinician possesses all academic and other relevant qualifications an approval notice will be issued from the relevant registrar.
  • Complete a Tuition Waiver Form. Please contact HR Coordinator at Academic HR Office via to obtain a copy of the Tuition Waiver.
  • Request approval of the Tuition Waiver Form from the Temerty Faculty of Medicine Academic HR Office via to certify that the clinician is eligible for the tuition waiver as requested.

Dependent Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program is awarded to dependents of qualifying clinical faculty who are enrolled in a first undergraduate degree program or certificate program, which does not require prior undergraduate preparation.

The scholarship can be applied to any four-year-degree-granting institution (or its equivalent if the institution is outside North America) which is recognized by the University of Toronto for transfer credit purposes. The value of the scholarship is equal to one-half of the amount of the tuition for Arts & Science at the University of Toronto. For full-time equivalent clinicians, the value of the scholarship is pro-rated to the percentage of appointment.

To be eligible for an admission scholarship, the student must have attained at least an 75% average in his/her best six grade 12 U or M courses; or best six OAC courses; or an appropriate combination of Grade 12 U/M and OAC courses. Students from other educational jurisdictions must present equivalent qualifications.

To apply for a scholarship after completing at least one year of an applicable university or college program, the student must have attained an average of at least “B” in his/her most recent year of eligible program of studies.

After having been granted a scholarship under this program, the student continues to be eligible as long as he/she proceeds in an eligible program of study and is not on academic probation.

Degrees excluded from the Scholarship Program:

  • Law
  • Dentistry
  • Medicine
  • Master of Architecture (M.Arch) and
  • Masters of Landscape Architecture (MLA)
  • Nursing B.Sc.N
  • Occupational Therapy B.Sc. (OT)
  • Physical Therapy B.Sc. PT
  • Radiation Sciences combined B.Sc.
  • Speech Language Pathology
  • Teaching - the one year Bachelor of Education program

How to Apply for a Dependant Scholarship: Clinicians will require formal approval from their University of Toronto Department Chair, Business Manager or the Temerty Faculty of Medicine Academic Human Resources Office on the Scholarship Application to certify their eligibility as a Full-time Clinician.

Further details on the Scholarship Program for Dependants and the relevant application, form are available at:

Joint Membership

The Joint Membership Plan provides access to: Hart House, the Athletic Centre and the Faculty Club for one set monthly fee.

Hart House features a wide range of athletic facilities (including two gyms, a pool and indoor running track), a variety of sport and recreation classes, restaurants, a number of different clubs and other activities, and a special place to the UofT community – the Hart House farm.

The Athletic Centre provides a wide range of instructional and recreational physical opportunities for individuals of all ages and at all levels of skill, ability and interest, including:

  • more than 100 classes in aquatics, dance, movement and sport
  • drop-in activities, including fitness classes and weight-room facilities
  • programs for family and children including recreation swimming on Sundays, Junior Blues sports instruction program and Camp U of T summer and March break camps
  • 3 pools, 200-metre indoor track and 7 gyms
  • Strength-training equipment and a separate weight room
  • Courts for squash, badminton, tennis and table tennis
  • Dance studio, golf cages and fencing sale
  • Steam rooms
  • Sports medicine clinic
  • Access to the new Varsity Centre on Bloor Street

The Faculty Club allows for on-campus socializing, professional interaction and special events such as parties, meetings, receptions and weddings. Members can meet colleagues in the main floor dining room or the less informal downstairs pub. Membership in the Faculty Club also provides access to the International Club Network with reciprocal privileges at more than 350 clubs around the world.

The Goldring Centre has been designed to welcome everyone from the university who is interested in physical activity and sport - from students, faculty and staff looking for a great place to work out, to intercollegiate, intramural and international-level student-athletes coming to train, practice and compete.

How to Apply for Joint Membership: Application forms are administered by the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, Human Resources Department. Please contact HR Coordinator at Academic HR Office via for more information on becoming a member and to request an application form.