Graduate Appointments

UTDRO appointments are offered within the Institute of Medical Science (IMS) for the supervision of graduate students.

The appointments process is initiated by the applicant and consists of the documents listed below. Depending on your academic track record the appointment will be at an Associate or Full level.  Associates can only supervise MSc candidates, Full can supervise PhD candidates.

Radiation therapy staff who want to teach or direct courses in the MHSc MRS program can apply for an associate membership limited to that program with no thesis supervisory privileges.

1. IMS Application form

Download the application form.

2. Letter from the applicant.

The letter should include:

  • an explanation of your research interests/ program with two or three potential projects.
  • your research and supervisory track record.
  • your commitment to supervising a graduate student, with the provision of all necessary support, guidance, mentorship, and access in order to make it a successful experience.
  • examples of your past supervision of the research of other students and an understanding of the time commitment required
  • your plans to contribute in other ways, such as, participating in our courses, sitting on the thesis committees of other graduate students, chairing examination committees, and attending IMS research day.

3. CIHR CV with the following information:

  • date of document preparation
  • name of candidate
  • degrees: University, discipline, year
  • academic and other relevant appointments: position, employer, dates
  • honours
  • membership in and service provided to learned, scientific or professional societies
  • previous experience (if any) in graduate faculty activities (e.g. thesis supervision, graduate teaching)
  • research grants and contracts during the last five years, including: granting agency, principal investigator, years held, project title, amount awarded/year and co-investigators
  • publications: a lifetime list separated as follows: doctoral thesis; papers in refereed journals; books or book chapters, review articles; papers in published conference proceedings; patents granted or pending; technical reports relevant to academic work; other publications.
  • patents
  • statement of creative professional activity (if applicable)
  • a statement may be appended, giving any other information which the applicant deems relevant to the appointment.

4.  A letter of support from the Chair of your graduate unit, if you already have an SGS appointment in another graduate unit.

Once we have all of the documentation from you, we will create a letter of support from the Chair of UTDRO.

For further information on the applying for an IMS appointment and review dates, please visit the IMS website.

For more information about deadlines and application processes, email Evan Donohue at