Durham Regional Cancer Centre

Durham Regional Cancer Centre

Lakeridge Health

Lakeridge Health is located at 1 Hospital Court in Oshawa. One resident is accepted at this location every two years.

Treatments and Techniques used at Lakeridge

IMRT/VMAT/IGRT for external beam Radiation Therapy

SBRT for lung, bones, kidney, liver, adrenals, spine (linac based VMAT)

SRS for brain metastases (linac based VMAT and fixed cones)

Prostate, Gynae and Skin HDR brachytherapy

Sites treated: GU, Breast, GI, Lung, Gynae, Skin, Lymphoma, Palliative

Vendors used at Lakeridge

  • 7 Elekta Linacs (all with 160 MLC, 2 with 6 degrees of freedom couch, 4 with 6FFF beam, 5 with response gating system)
  • Elekta HDR (Flexitron)
  • Elekta Oncentra (HDR planning)
  • Elekta Oncentra Prostate (real time US based prostate HDR)
  • Siemens CT simulators (large bore, 40 and 64 slice, 4DCT)
  • Siemens MRI (in partnership with hospital)
  • Elekta TPS (Monaco)
  • Elekta ROIS (Mosaiq)
  • Sun Nuclear (ArcCheck, Mapcheck, QA3, Profiler)
  • IBA Dosimetry (Blue phantom water tank)

Research Highlights

  • Implementation of MRI based interstitial cervix HDR
  • Quality improvements for HDR (eg. applicator library, machine learning for needle detection)
  • Quality improvement and evaluation of technology implementation (eg. hydrogel spacer, SBRT program expansion, FFF implementation, treatment outcomes analysis, process control for quality assurance)

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