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Since the Medical Radiation Sciences Program is a joint degree/diploma program run by The University of Toronto’s Department of Radiation Oncology and The Michener Institute of Education at UHN, our students are privileged to be honoured twice for their success.

The University of Toronto holds a Convocation ceremony and The Michener Institute also has a Graduation. We strongly encourage all graduating students to attend both ceremonies to celebrate their success at completing this program run by two highly reputable learning institutions.
U of T’s convocation ceremony occurs in June and November, while Michener celebrates its graduates in June.

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Career Fairs

In order to help you prepare for graduation, the Michener Institute operates Career Fairs where you can meet potential employers and network. For more information and event dates, visit the Michener Career Fair website.

Get Support

MRS Students enjoy student support services on both the University of Toronto and Michener campuses! Follow this link to find U of T student support services.

Michener offers the following specialized services to MRS students:

Alumni Services

U of T Career Centre
Recent graduates from the University of Toronto can register for the Recent Graduates Employment Service (RGES) and use it up to two years after their convocation date. It gives access to all programs and services offered by the Career Centre. In addition, graduates will receive access to full-time work opportunities that are immediately available in a wide range of industries.

Career Fairs
In order to help you prepare for graduation, the Michener Institute operates the Student Success Network. For more information, visit the Student Success Network’s website.

U of T Alumni Association
Take advantage of the full range of services offered by the University of Toronto Alumni Association for new graduates. 

Several services are also offered by the Michener Alumni Association.