Nov 22, 2018

UTDRO launches refreshed strategic plan — UTDRO 2022: Reflect. Transform. Lead.

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Strategic Plan cover

The University of Toronto’s Department of Radiation Oncology (UTDRO) has launched a refreshed strategic plan entitled UTDRO 2022: Reflect. Transform. Lead.

“We have created an ambitious strategy that encompasses five specific goals that will enhance our reputation of being the home to internationally renowned educators, researches, thought leaders, innovators and system influencers,” said Chair and Professor at UTDRO, Dr. Fei-Fei Liu.

 2018-2022 Strategic Plan page 2From March to August of 2018, UTDRO underwent a strategic planning process led by a 13-member steering committee to obtain feedback from faculty, trainees and seven health system leaders through surveys, workshops and interviews. This consultation process produced the bold strategy that UTDRO will follow over the next four years.

The plan’s overall goal is to maintain UTDRO’s vision of global leadership in radiation oncology by transforming practice through innovation and excellence in research and education. The five specific goals defined during the strategic planning process that UTDRO will work towards to continue its role in global leadership are as follows:

  1. Heighten culture of academic excellence
  2. Prepare the radiation medicine leaders of tomorrow
  3. Accelerate uptake of cutting-edge knowledge in radiation medicine
  4. Collaborate for transformative reach and impact
  5. Enhance success through improved governance and operations

The tagline, Reflect. Transform. Lead., emerged to encapsulate the key themes of shifting from current attitudes and practices to embracing new ways of working. These new ways of working will require UTDRO to reflect on its professional aspirations and recognize the role that collaboration and partnership play in expanding the department’s individual and collective impact.

“These opportunities for transformation will require us to be curious, courageous, connected and committed as we collaborate to expand capabilities across the system to achieve improved patient outcomes and quality of life,” said Dr. Fei-Fei Liu. “The new plan will take UTDRO to new levels in leadership and contribution.”

Essential to UTDRO’s success will be the leadership’s ability to encourage new levels of innovation and excellence in a collaborative and enabling environment, which will support its members in achieving their education and research ambitions, and ultimately lead to higher levels of local, regional, national and international contribution.

In 2017, UTDRO concluded its preceding strategic plan entitled, The Transformative Agenda: Roadmap to 2017. This plan successfully supported the department in achieving excellence in the areas of research, education and systems influence.

To read the refreshed strategic plan, visit UTDRO 2022: Reflect. Transform. Lead.