Workshop Descriptions

During the first day of the course, registrants can take part in one of the following three workshops:

Workshop 1: Are your prostate plans hitting the mark? Strategies for physicists
Melanie Davidson PhD, Tim Craig PhD

This workshop will use an interactive approach to case based discussions on the following topics:

  • Including advanced imaging information in planning
  • Establishing / evaluating IGRT (criteria, guidelines, adherence to guidelines)
  • Assessing / deriving PTVs
  • Metrics to better assess plan quality (beyond traditional dose-volume criteria)

Workshop 2: Contouring for prostate cancer treatment planning
Ewa Szumacher MD, Hans Chung MD, Nafisha Lalani MD, Chirag Patel MD, Robert Timmerman MD

This workshop will use a combination of didactic and case-based hands-on format to allow participants to:

  • Integrate anatomical and imaging knowledge to the delineation of dominant intraprostatic lesions (DIL)
  • Practice margin design in different scenarios
  • Use registration and fusion capabilities to their maximum advantage

Workshop 3: Image guidance in prostate cancer radiotherapy
Kitty Chan, MRT(T), Winnie Li MRT(T), Vickie Kong MRT(T)

By the end of this case-based discussion session, participants will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast various approaches to image guidance for prostate cancer including the advantages and limitations of each
  • Identify irregular situations faced in online image guidance and suggest ways to resolve these situations
  • Describe the importance of dietary preparation for these patients especially related to dose accumulation