Postgraduate Teaching Award

The UTDRO Postgraduate Teaching Award recognizes a faculty member who has:

  • Demonstrated the ability to enhance teaching and learning for postgraduate medical trainees
  • Enhanced the profile of teaching in department/program
  • Contributed to postgraduate classroom above and beyond expectations

Note: The same faculty member may win the award no more than once in a 5-year period.

Past Winners

yearawarded to
2019Derek Tsang
2018Ali Hosni Abdalaty and Bei Bei Zhang
2017Ida Ackerman and Kathy Mah
2016Tim Craig and Gerard Morton
2015Justin Lee
2014Meredith Giuliani
2013Barbara-Ann Millar and Andrea Bezjak
2012May Tsao, Kieng Tan, Angela Cashell, John Cho
2011Cathryne Palmer, Amanda Bolderston, Stephen Breen
2010Hans Chung
2009Stephen Breen
2008Patrick Cheung
2007James Brierley
2006Robert Bristow
2005Woodrow Wells
2004Eileen Rakovitch
2003Ramani Ramaseshan