Cummings Educational Leadership Award

The UTDRO Cummings Educational Leadership Award is an annual award given for outstanding contributions to UTDRO education through educational leadership in some or all of the following areas:

  • Administration
  • Educational
  • Development
  • Innovation
  • Research

Qualities and criteria

  • The ability to enhance teaching and learning in educational programs
  • The ability to develop and deliver effective educational programs
  • The ability to develop innovative educational programs
  • Leadership, mentoring and role-modeling
  • The ability to contribute to research and publication in the field of health professional education
  • Outstanding institutional service
  • Outstanding contribution to education
  • Sustained performance and broad impact
  • Scholarly achievement
  • Efforts result in enhanced profile of teaching in department/program

A team of faculty, representative of UTDRO, including trainee representations will review the evidence.
Note: Classroom instruction awards are based on the teaching effectiveness scores gathered from evaluations. Call for nominations for the MRS clinical supervision/research supervision awards are made earlier in the year, prior to the end of the Winter academic semester.

This award recognizes the type of educational excellence that is very rare, and the award will be given only if this standard of excellence is achieved, and adequately demonstrated in the documents of support.

Submission includes a completed Nomination Form, by a UTDRO faculty member, or trainee, seconded by another faculty member, and supported by letter of evidence (500-1000 words) that explains the nominee’s achievements in this area.

Note: One faculty member may not receive this award more than once every five years.

Past Winners

  • 2023 - Cathryne Palmer
  • 2022 - Andrea McNiven
  • 2021 - Not awarded
  • 2020 - Rebecca Wong
  • 2019 - Not awarded
  • 2018 - Not awarded
  • 2017 - Barbara-Ann Millar
  • 2016 - Michael Sharpe
  • 2015 - Mary Gospodarowicz
  • 2014 - Pamela Catton
  • 2013 - Not awarded
  • 2012 - Bradly Wouters
  • 2011 - Not awarded
  • 2010 - Not awarded
  • 2009 - Not awarded
  • 2008 - Edward Chow