Bernard J. Cummings Award for Research Excellence

This award was created in honour of Dr. Bernard J. Cummings, the Inaugural Chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Toronto (UTDRO). It recognizes a UTDRO trainee who demonstrates sustained excellence in research, with potential for strong impact in the field of Radiation Medicine.

Note: A trainee can be a recipient of the award once in their UTDRO career.

Past Winners

  • 2021 - Jennifer Kwan
  • 2020 - Hanbo Chen
  • 2019 - Leigh Conroy
  • 2018 - Rachel Glicksman
  • 2017 - Ezra Hahn
  • 2016 - Srinivas Raman
  • 2015 - Danielle Rodin