Award for Sustained Excellence in Research

The UTDRO Award for Sustained Excellence in Research recognizes:

  • Sustained excellence in research in the field of radiation oncology or clinical physics
  • Advancement of knowledge/impact of research on clinical practice
  • International recognition
  • Publications, grants, invited lectures and other evidence of scholarship

Note: No individual can receive this award more than once every 5 years

Past Winners

YearAwarded TO
2020Alex Vitkin
2019Arjun Sahgal
2018Eileen Rakovitch
2017Andrew Loblaw
2016Brad Wouters
2015Jolie Ringash 
2014Laura Dawson
2013Edward Chow
2012Mike Milosevic
2011Padraig Warde
2010Jean-Philippe Pignol
2009Robert Bristow
2008 John Rowlands
2007 Juanita Crook
2006Brian O'Sullivan
2005Gillian Thomas
2004Bernard Cummings and Richard Hill
2003Fei-Fei Liu and Shun Won