Oct 10, 2022

Announcement: New Chief Resident of Radiation Oncology Residency – Dr. Amir Safavi 

Amir Safavi

On October 1, 2022, Dr. Amir Safavi (PGY4) has been selected as the next Chief Resident for the University of Toronto Radiation Oncology Residency program. 

We are delighted to work with Amir in this important role, as he has shown excellent clinical, academic and organizational skills and ability throughout his time with us. Amir aspires to become an academic Radiation Oncologist. His research into lung cancer outcomes and education has received funding through an ACURA grant and STARS21 Scholarship. Amir has been the recipient of several awards and honours throughout his residency, including the Jean Roy Memorial Resident Award (CARO), the W.J. Simpson Award for Academic Excellence in Research by a Radiation Oncology Resident (UTDRO), the Best Oral Presentation Award (UHN Lung Oncology Group), and the Trainee Excellence in Education Award (RMP).

A big thank you to Dr. Jennifer Kwan (PGY5) who has done an excellent job as Chief Resident. Jennifer has been a pleasure to work with, is always on top of things, and is very responsive and helpful. We thank her for her many hours of dedication to the program. 

We are very proud of our resident leaders who help shape the Radiation Oncology Residency program into the best it can be.

 Please join us in thanking Jennifer Kwan and welcoming Amir Safavi!