Award for Outstanding Research Potential

The UTDRO Award for Outstanding Research Potential recognizes:

  • Outstanding ability and potential for research in radiation oncology within 5 years of faculty appointment
  • Demonstrated excellence in research in the field of radiation oncology
  • Advancement of knowledge/impact of research on clinical practice
  • National or international recognition
  • Publications, grants, invited lectures and other evidence of scholarship
  • Novelty or originality of research

Note: No individual can receive this award more than once every 5 years

Past Winners

year awarded to
2018 Alejandro Berlin
2017 Meredith Giuliani
2016 Scott Bratman
2015 Colleen Dickie
2014 Kathy Han
2013 Caroline Chung
2012 Tom Purdie
2011 Stanley Liu
2010 Andrew Hope
2009 Arjun Sahgal
2008 Kristy Brock
2007 Cynthia Menard
2006 Lisa Barbera
2005 Jean-Philippe Pignol
2004 Laura Dawson
2003 David Jaffray