Postgraduate Advocacy and Mentorship Award

The UTDRO Postgraduate Advocacy & Mentorship Award recognizes a UTDRO faculty member who has influenced a trainee’s career path in clinical practice, leadership or research. 

Past Winners

year awarded to
2017 Jennifer Croke
2016 Stanley Liu
2015 Hany Soliman
2014 Anthony Fyles
2013 Lisa Barbera
2012 Robert Dinniwell
2011 Michael Milosevic
2010 Arjun Sahgal
2009 Eileen Rakovitch
2008 Normand LaPerriere
2007 James Brierley
2006 Woodrow Wells
2005 Normand LaPerriere
2004 Ida Ackerman
2003 Gabrielle Kane


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