Medical Radiation Sciences 1T7 Graduates Join UTDRO Alumni Family

Jun 6, 2017

Congratulations to the 76 graduates of the Medical Radiation Sciences at the University of Toronto! The Medical Radiation Sciences 1T7 Class had 36 Radiological Technology graduates, 13 Nuclear Medicine & Molecular and Molecular Imaging Technology graduates and 27 Radiation Therapy graduates.

On June 6, 2017, these graduates attended a reception where several of them receieved awards in recognition of their high grades, excellence in research and clinical projects and volunteer activities to help the program. We are immensely proud of this group who will join over 2000 other UTDRO alumni.

Award winners:

  • Gold Medal Winner – William Chow
  • Silver Medal Winner – Jessica Labadie
  • Bronze Medal Winner – Alexandra Daniela Sarra
  • Research Award Winner – Joseph Kung
  • Research Award Honourable Mention – Devin Hindle

Clinical Project Awards

  • Radiological Technology Winner – William Chow
  • Radiological Technology Honourable Mention – Laura Pipher
  • Radiation Therapy Winner – Jessica Labadie
  • Radiation Therapy Honourable Mention – Martina Dotcheva

Research Informing Practice Award

  • Award for Excellence in Nuclear Medicine Winner – David Shen
  • Honourable Mention in Nuclear Medicine – Sangkyu Moon

Volunteer Awards

  • Radiation Therapy – Emily Binsell
  • Radiation Therapy – Matthew Ng




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