Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson

What years were you part of the residency program at UTDRO?


Where are you now? What is your area of focus?

Saint John, New Brunswick. Lung, GI, and GU.

What excites/interests you most about your career?

Being able to have a diversified clinical practice including lung SBRT and prostate brachytherapy. I also enjoy collaborating with colleagues in other disciplines in order to create and update our centre’s treatment guidelines and care pathways.

Would you have expected that back when you were a student?

Yes. I always felt that I would like to work in a smaller cancer centre.

How did your time at UTDRO shape your life/career?

It was the people at UTDRO that made my experience and training excellent. My mentors and colleagues at both at the Princess Margaret and Odette Cancer Centres ensured that I left the program with a solid foundation of clinical competencies that made me ready for independent practice. I feel fortunate to have the ability to contact any of the UTDRO faculty for their advice on a challenging case.

What are your words of wisdom for current students?

Stay organized and systematic. Enjoy life as a resident!

Robert Thompson

Alum of Radiation Oncology Residency

Dr. Robert Thompson completed his residency in Radiation Oncology at the University of Toronto in 2016 after an MD at Dalhousie University. After attaining the FRCPC designation, he then did a clinical and research fellowship at the Odette Cancer Centre under the guidance of Drs. Patrick Cheung and Hans Chung in SBRT, as well as prostate HDR brachytherapy. He is originally from the Maritimes and started practice in Saint John, New Brunswick in 2017. In addition to a full clinical practice and a number of medical teaching responsibilities, both undergraduate and postgraduate, he is the chairperson of the genitourinary clinical and research group at Dalhousie University and he is leading a local working group tasked with improving the efficiency and safety of his department’s radiation therapy workflow. He is also engaged in a local multidisciplinary initiative aimed at improving lung cancer patients’ timely access to diagnostic and consultant services. He lives with his wife, Alison.