Evening Journal Club - The Academic Appointments and Promotion Journey

UTDRO encompasses an academic community of 6 Cancer Centers in Southern Ontario (Princess Margaret, Odette, Southlake, Royal Victoria, Oshawa and Credit Valley). Therefore, it is fundamental to provide a forum to exchange clinical, research and educational knowledge. The UT-DRO Evening Journal Club (EJC) will help establish collaborative teams with members from different cancer centers to advance scholarly mandates.

  1. To develop knowledge exchange on clinical, research and educational topics within UT-DRO.
  2. To promote opportunities for collaboration within UT-DRO
  3. To provide the participants with a global overview on the selected theme for the event
  4. To showcase UTDRO innovations in the topic theme
  5. To strengthen our academic community within UT-DRO through social interactions

The Evening Journal Club takes place 3-4 times a year. The last event took place on February 8, 2018.

View the agenda HERE

Co-Chairs: Eric Leung, Jennifer Croke

Panelists: Fei-Fei Liu, Shun Wong, Catherine Coolens, Rebecca Wong, Patrick Cheung, David Hodgson, Gerard Morton

Agenda and Objectives:

Dr. Fei-Fei Liu, Dr. Shun Wong - Academic Promotions/Appointments/3-Year Reviews (The Big Picture)

View the slides from Drs. Fei-Fei Liu and Shun Wong HERE

  • To briefly describe the UTDRO Promotions/Appointments/3-year Review process.
  • To provide advice for those faculty preparing for Promotions/Reviews.
  • To describe criteria for references and external reviewer and advice regarding whom to ask.
  • To describe relevant timelines for the Promotions process.

Dr. Rebecca Wong, Dr. Gerard Morton - On Teaching Effectiveness

View the slides from Dr. Rebecca Wong HERE

View the slides from Dr. Morton HERE

  • To describe the Teaching Effectiveness Committee, including who it comprises of.
  • To describe what a Teaching Dossier is.
  • To provide tips on how to successfully prepare a Teaching Dossier and Teaching Table Summary.

Dr. David Hodgson - Inside The Decanal Promotions Committee

View the slides from Dr. Hodgson HERE

  • To describe the Decanal Promotions Committee.
  • To discuss how this committee works and reports to the Dean.

Dr. Catherine Coolens, Dr. Patrick Cheung - Practical Tips

  • To discuss personal experiences of going through the Promotions process
  • To offer advice for future candidates.
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