Marco CarloneMSc, PhD
Assistant Professor

Contact Info

T. (416) 946-4501 Ext. 2409
F. (416) 946-6566


Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
610 University Avenue
ON, M5G 2M9

Clinical Interests

Clinical Radiobiology, Image guidance by MRI Radiotherapy quality assurance, Brachytherapy


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MSc, Medical Biophysics, Queen’s University
PhD, Medical Biophysics, Carlton University

Professional Memberships

Member, CARO
Member, AAPM
Member, COMP
Member, PEO


Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Toronto


Research Synopsis:

  • TCP modeling for integrating into treatment planning
  • Fractionation in radiotherapy
  • Radiobiologic compensation for missed radiotherapy fractions
  • Magnet design for image guidance by MRI
  • New metrics for IMRT quality assurance

Publications and Awards

Recent Publications

Lian, J., Dundas, G., Carlone, M., Ghosh, S., and Pearcey, R., “Twenty-year review of radiotherapy for vaginal cancer: An institutional experience,” In Press, Gynecologic Oncology (2008)
Menon, G. V., Carlone, M. C. and Sloboda, R. S., “Transit dose contributions to intracavitary and interstitial PDR brachytherapy treatments,” Physics in Medicine and Biology, vol53, pp. 3447 – 3462, (2008)

Kirkby, C., Stanescu, T., Rathee, S., Carlone, M., Murray, B., and Fallone, B.G., “Patient dosimetry for hybrid MRI-radiotherapy systems,” Med. Phys. 35, 1019 – 1027 (2008)

Schinkel, C., Carlone, M., Warkentin, B. and Fallone, B.G., “An analytic investigation into the effect of population heterogeneity on parameter ratio estimates,” Intl. J. of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, Vol. 69, No. 4, pp. 1323–1330, (2007)

Schinkel, C., Stavreva, N., Stavrev, P., Carlone, M. and Fallone, B.G., “Functional form comparison between the population and the individual Poisson based TCP models,” Radiol Oncol, 41(2), 90 – 98 (2007)

Carlone, M.C., Warkentin, B., Stavrev, P., and Fallone, B.G., “Fundamental form of a population TCP model in the limit of large heterogeneity,” Med. Phys. 33, 1634 – 1642 (2006)

Carlone, M.C., Wilkins, D., Raaphorst, G.P.: “The modified linear-quadratic model of Guerrero and Li can be derived from a mechanistic basis and exhibits linear-quadratic-linear behaviour,” Physics in Medicine and Biology, 50 L9-L16 (2005)

Carlone, M.C., Wilkins, D., Nyiri, B., and Raaphorst, G.P. “TCP isoeffect analysis using a heterogeneous distribution of radiosensitivity,” Med. Phys. 31, 1176 – 1182 (2004)

Carlone, M.C., Wilkins, D., Nyiri, B., and Raaphorst, G.P. “Comparison of alpha/beta estimates from homogeneous (individual) and heterogeneous (population) tumor control models for early stage prostate cancer,” Med. Phys. 30, 2832-2848 (2003)

Carlone, M.C., Wilkins, D., and Raaphorst, G.P. “Radiobiological Parameter Estimation for a Predictive Tumour Control Model for Early Stage Prostate Cancer”, Polish J Med Phys & Eng, 9(3), 137-151, (2003)

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